6" Plastic Propeller, 10 Pack, Made for Rubber Band Powered STEM Projects Like Airplanes and Helicopters, Fits on a Craft Stick

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  • Perfect for rubber band-powered projects, these propellers are made for projects like rubber band-powered helicopters, propeller planes, and propeller-powered cars
  • Fits snugly onto a popsicle, craft stick, or on wood up to 0.135 by 0.35 inches, easy for kids and adults to build with, and works every time
  • Built-in propeller shaft with small hook for rubber bands, the propellers are designed specifically to be powered by rubber bands. The propeller will only allow you to wind it one way, which ensures that the thrust propels your project the right direction
  • Generates plenty of lift and thrust, try using a single rubber band to release energy at a slower rate, or try doubling rubber bands to spend less time winding it up and to get a faster burst of energy
  • Made with high-quality steel and plastic. The semi-flexible plastic is resilient enough to withstand minor to moderate crashes, and the steel will not bend under normal use
These ready-to-mount propellers are ideal for makers, hobby engineers, and anyone who wants to build rubber-band-powered aircraft. The built-in propeller shaft, rubber band hook, and plastic mount make it effortless to slip the propeller onto a wooden fuselage and start crafting your invention. Works great with regular 4.5" long craft sticks! Note: This product does not include craft sticks or rubber bands.

DIY RC Parts Kit

10-Pack - 6" Plastic Propeller

Efficient Design

Designed specially to be propelled by rubber bands.

10-Pack - 6" Plastic Propeller
10-Pack - 6" Plastic Propeller10-Pack - 6" Plastic Propeller
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