Machine Creation Kit - Open-Ended STEM Building Challenges to Inspire Inventive Thinking | Ages 8+ | Engineering, Science, and Technology Toy

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  • Ignite the Inventor Within - Designed to help kids ages 8 and up practice being inventors, engineers, and innovators with fun and challenging project ideas
  • 10 Fun and Exciting Challenges - Get inspired with open-ended design challenges to build cars, walking machines, robots, and more. No wrong answers and no tedious step-by-step instructions!
  • Foster 21st Century Skills - Use critical thinking, creative problem solving, and determination to achieve the challenges in any way you want
  • Real Cool Materials - Laser cut wood pieces, safety-plug electronics, and real metal hardware make it fun to create new inventions and easily take them apart
  • STEM Learning - Get hands on with science, tech, engineering, and applied math using circuitry, pneumatics, machine screws, motors, and more!
Inventors sometimes create things just for fun, but most of the time, they're inspired to solve a challenge. In this kit, the challenges are open-ended goals. There's no right or wrong way to achieve the challenge. To succeed, all you need to do is complete the goal! The 10 challenges are designed and kid-tested to be, well, challenging. Your first design probably won't work perfectly, and that's okay! When inventors experience failure, they don't give up. Instead, they ask, "What isn't working, and how can I fix it?" But don't worry, you don't need to figure out everything from scratch. We've included helpful hints and three starter ideas with every challenge so you can jump right in and start inventing.

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This kit is something different

We designed this with one goal in mind: To inspire kids to think and act like inventors.

No step-by-step instructions, no right or wrong answers. Just carefully crafted ideas and materials made specifically to help kids believe they can create anything.

Think and Act like an Inventor

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Get inspired with 10 open-ended challenges. No step-by-step instructions, but plenty of inspiring ideas and building techniques to jump-start your creativity.


High torque motors that snap-fit onto laser cut wood parts make it easy to get your creation moving and test it out.


Think critically about how well your invention is measuring up to the challenge and then imagine new ways to improve it.


Easily take apart and reconstruct your invention until it's working to your satisfaction!

Start Inventing Right Away

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Easy and Safe Electronics

Power up to two high-torque motors using special hooded connectors that prevent dangerous short circuits.

Fast and Sturdy Assembly

Connect laser cut wood pieces using real metal bolts and easy-grip star knobs.

Redesign Quickly with Rubber Bands

Connect anything else quickly with rubber bands - and just as easily take it apart to build something new!

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34-Page Booklet

Full of building tips and inspiring, kids-tested, open-ended challenges that are designed by project-based education experts.

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