STEM INVENTIONS Craft Stick Catapults Kit, Supplies for 30 Catapults

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  • Catapults for 30 kids, every kit comes with 350 large craft sticks, 600 mini rubber bands, 75 3M adhesive squares, 30 cups, and 30 foam cubes for launching
  • This STEM catapult design is popular because it is easy to build and gives children a fun way to learn about science concepts like potential and kinetic energy, trajectory, levers, and more
  • Open-ended experimentation, change the position of the fulcrum to change the launch trajectory
  • Clear and colorful instructions - Comes with full-color photos and written in short, clear steps
  • This kit is designed by a professional project-based educator, and made for groups of kids in classrooms, after school enrichment, summer camps, libraries, birthdays, and STEM-loving families!
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